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JetBlue and Whole Foods on Twitter

February 28, 2010 1 comment

For next class we are going to talk about Twitter. We were asked to observe a specific brand on Twitter and via the Dashboard we created a couple of weeks ago. So, for this assignment I chose to follow JetBlue and Whole Foods.

With more than one and a half million followers, Jet Blue is using Twitter to communicate with customers about travel problems for example this weekend the conversation was mainly about weather cancellations and press releases announcements to give people the information they needed.

Moreover, JetBlue customers are engaged with the brand and want to help JetBlue deliver a better product for them. As I joined the conversation, I could see people knew they were being listened, helped and talked through specific questions or issues.

On the other hand Whole Foods, the largest retailer of natural and organic food in the US, has nearly one million eight thousand followers on Twitter. Whole Foods has official tweeters throughout its organization depending on their specialty. It manages localized information tailored to individual stores or cities. It also uses its account for news, updates, special events and customer feedback.

Topical Tweets

@WFMCheese – global cheese specialist, Cathy Strange.

@WFMWineGuys – wine & beer experts, Doug & Geof.

@WholeRecipes – automated recipe feed.

Whole Foods has a Facebook fan page and a blog that uses to promote its editorial content. It uses these media to expand what it is posted on Twitter like longer posts, photos, and videos. It also has an iPhone app which is called Whole Foods Market Recipe which is a recipe application. It also has a store locator. After finding the nearest store, it takes you out to the page for that store. From there, that page links out to the Facebook account and the Twitter account as well.

With almost 10,000 tweets in two days, we can say that Whole Foods’ customers are responding and I believe that the reason of its success is the content they provide to their followers.


Twitter Case Study: Tasti D-lite

February 27, 2010 Leave a comment

As many brands that are not sure how Twitter actually works and how to use it to benefit their businesses, they first start by analyzing what people are saying about their products, brands and competitors. This was the case of Tasti D-lite, the popular frozen chain from New York. After having some idea of what was going on, BJ Emerson, director of technology information, decided to jump into the conversation and participate. Emerson hoped to “engage customers on their terms, be relevant and have fun.” Also, he advised “a three “m” approach to getting started on Twitter – monitor, then mingle, then measure.”
Twitter allows Tasti D-lite to interact with their customers on their terms, thus creating relationships and also generating customer insights that might ultimately lead to sales. In fact, in addition to create relationships and loyal customers, companies want to translate those accomplishments into more sales, continue to grow and be ahead of their competitors.

Tasti D-lite Twitter campaigns

Tasti D-lite launched a rewards program called TastiRewards in which consumers can get extra rewards by connecting their accounts to Twitter, Facebook and Foursquare. By sharing their Tasti D-lite experience with friends and followers, they can earn extra rewards for a free Tasti D-Lite dessert.


Tasti D-lite often tweets Twitter-exclusive coupons for customers to print out and redeem at their favorite tasti location. They are also thinking to introduce paperless mobile coupon options and Twitter accounts for individual stores.

This video revealed the location of a hidden $50 TreatCard. This announcement was promoted on Twitter and the winner found the card within 7 minutes of posting the link to the video.

I think the key here is to not publish sales messaging, quite the opposite it is to think creatively about how you can add value for your followers.