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Following celebrities

Following up companies that provide location-based services to people and businesses, I found an article about Foursquare at Mashable.com that said how Foursquare is now enabling people to follow celebrities. At first I thought that this was a little strange because I was picturing celebrities like Brad Pitt telling where they were but then I realized that the article referred to celebrities from shows such as the Jersey Shore, the Hills, among others. I guess it makes sense for these “reality-show celebrities” then.

Foursquare has developed marketing deals with MTV and VH1 that include a new Foursquare feature that allows users to follow people without a reciprocal friendship. So, if for some reason you want to follow Jersey Shore’s DJ Pauly D, you can see where he is checking in and follow him.

Also, MTV and VH1 fans can earn special badges on Foursquare. And celebrities can also leave tips about their favorite venues. I guess this will benefit somes businesses and also celebrities. 

It is interesting to see how Foursquare is creating new features to keep its audience engage especially if they recently added almost 100,000 users in 10 days.

Personally, I won’t be following these “celebrities” anytime soon…would you?

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  1. March 29, 2010 at 10:35 pm

    This is news for me… but right of the bat marketing deals between foursquare and MTV/VH1 make a lot of sense! I would not follow any of them because my interest in reality show “celebrities” is practically non existent, but can see the the benefits and appeal for both the networks and their fans. This is great example of how brands are looking for new ways to get even closer to their consumer just when we thought they where already as close as they could get.

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