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New technology for shoppers

One of the trends for mobile advertising for 2010 is the development of shopping applications such as price comparison, user product reviews, etc that will modify in-store shopping experience.

There are several mobile applications that consumers can use to make their shopping more efficient, productive and enjoyable.  For example: mobile price comparison applications such as ShopSavvy and Red Laser that allow shoppers compare prices at a store against other nearby stores and online retailers. If you are undecided to buy something there are also crowdsourcing tools like BazaarVoice’s MobileVoice that help you get outside opinions and feedback. One mobile application that combines price comparison and reviews is ScanLife. So, next time you are in a store and want to see if you are getting a good deal, just scan on the product. Also, it allows shoppers stand outside a store, point their phones at a merchandise they like in the window and buy it. 

Then, there are  mobile coupons such as Zavers and Yowza.  Another similar product is called Presence by IBM that allow shoppers who sign up be detected when they enter a store enabling it to offer real-time mobile coupons.

Beyond privacy concerns, retailers recognize other potential problems. It the phone for some reason gives bad information then consumers will most likely be annoyed hence reliability will be an important factor to consider. Also, there are stores that cannot yet afford such technology.  On the other hand, marketers could leverage on this new technology to deliver more effective personalized messaging derived from prior purchase decisions.

  1. March 6, 2010 at 11:51 pm

    I’m again wondering if you would use this, personally? Would you suggest it as part of a campaign? Blogging is personal. Let’s hear what you think.

  2. March 23, 2010 at 1:42 pm

    As a consumer it is clearly an advantage but for a business owner it represents another challenge to attract and keep customers. Plus, nowadays there is a need to be more transparent and competitive in order to stay in business as the technology moves forward.
    Personally I would be willing to try it to compare prices of an item in different stores and as a marketer if my audience is adopting this technology I think I would have to include it as part of my marketing campaign.

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