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Target’s Facebook Campaign

Target, the American retailing company already gives 5% of its income which is over $ 3 million each week to support charities in the US since 1946. Following one of the main aspects of its mission, Community Giving, Target developed the “Bullseye Gives” Facebook campaign. Target asked people to visit facebook.com/target, vote and decide how ten national charities would receive a portion of the $ 3 million. So Facebook users had the option to select among ten charities they would like to see funds allocated to. 

According to inner architect blog, “Target’s latest social media campaign utilized Facebook to crowdsource, build their brand, create cause marketing exposure, engage with their audience, and mold their public perception one Facebook fan at a time.” 

With this campaign Target gained brand recognition, engaged with its audience and got new followers. Part of Target’s mission is to give back to the community and with this campaign they improve their image and gave their audience the option to participate by letting them choose and vote for their favorite charity. When a person voted for a charity the branded message with Target’s logo appeared on his/her wall and this gave the possibility that his/her friends became fans of the Target Facebook page. Moreover, it was a participatory,  informative campaign with a humanitarian message focused on the charities and not on Target’s actions. Nevertheless, Target benefited the brand by adding new fans who are now part Target’s social network.

Source: http://mashable.com/2009/06/25/facebook-cause-pages/

  1. Aina
    February 16, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Brands all want some level of engagement with their audience, no matter how mass market they are. Facebook is a great channel to do this as it provides greater reach and ease of participation from the consumer’s end. It’s a leap from surveys, sweepstakes, mail-ins, etc. For big brands like Target who want to gain more PR or just generate additional buzz, Facebook is the place to be! Marketers must just be perpetually conscious of providing adequate content. This Target example is on-point to demonstrate this potential through Facebook! 🙂

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